A Space for Silence

Presence is a space for you to pause for a moment and come back to yourself.

Use it like you would sit contemplatively on the beach - click on the background, close your eyes and let the sound of waves bring you back to yourself.

Turn on the reminder and let the sound of the waves come to you throughout your day, a gentle auditory cue to return.

Everyday it will bring you a new, inspiring background and remind you of your intent.

Find Your Awareness

Presence is about slowing down and returning to your center. It is a break from the distractions and the multitasking, from the madness and the speed.

Presence is a space for silence. One focus. A bead of awareness on the thread of your day.

Return to Your Center

The simple and intuitive interface is designed to be distraction-less. It has one and only one purpose - to create a digital space for your own presence to shine.

Welcome to Presence. We hope it transforms your life.

Premium Features

More Sounds

Choose from a variety of soothing and inspiring sounds to bring you back throughout the day.


Save your favorite images, browse them and set them as your current background.

Refresh Background

Get a new, random background image whenever you feel inspired or need a change of scenery.

Custom Backgrounds

Upload your own images to personalize Presence for the space and inspiration that you need.

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