What's Premium all about?

Presence Premium is our paid version that includes extra features to allow you to get the most out of Presence. It offers saved favorites, background refreshing, image uploads, more sounds. It allows you to customize Presence further to your needs. Choose your own background by browsing your favorites, or the images that you've uplaoded. Select a soothing reminder from a variety of different sounds that matches your intent.

We will always provide a free version of Presence. We believe that great software should be accessible to everyone.

Our goal in building Presence is to create an app that fundamentally changes the way that we interface with our digital lives. We believe that a world with more awareness will be a better world, and Presence is our attempt to contribute towards that future. We see a future where technology is integrated into our lives in a way that supports an nourishes the human spirit, rather than a world where technology gradually eclipses and nullifies the essential faculties that make us human.

We believe that Presence should be a safe, intimate and personal space for you to breathe. A place where you can come back to and rest. In order to build a relationship based on trust, we stand by these core values:

Presence will never contain advertising.

We will never sell or share your data.

We will always respect your privacy, and we will protect the data that your entrust to us.

Normally, when software is oftered for free on the internet, the price of the software is offset by what the business can make in advertising, or selling its user's data to third parties. This flies directly against everything we believe in, and it is flatly unacceptable.

We encourage you to try Presence for free to see if you love it, and if you do please consider supporting it with a paid Premium membership. When you support software that you love, you help to ensure its continued existence and evolution. There are a lot of amazing features that we would love to add to Presence, and a lot of other platforms that we are excited to support (like mobile). In order to do this, we need your support.

Thank you for reading this far and we hope that you join us on this journey to build better technologies for mindfulness awareness.